Video Surveys

We find that many people are used to getting raw data and then spending days having to sift through it. We work with clients to find out what it is they actually want to know and tailor our surveys to suit. All our surveys are carried out by video to ensure an accurate evidence base with video links provided.

Business management

Survey analysis

As well as all standard counts, we undertake qualitative surveys that require engineering judgement, that other companies do not understand how to do. Examples include conflict analysis, bus delay surveys, pedestrian desire line analysis, compliance surveys, near misses, pedestrian tracking and much more. 

Business solutions


Once the data has been collected we produce summaries and present these on drawings. The drawings are tailored to the individual survey with links to videos provided. 

Video Highlights

We produce video highlights to show things such as conflict, near misses, collisions, behaviour, key results and any interesting incidents.